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1. Creating categories
- Click the 'create category' link.
- Change the text 'Type title here' to how you want to name your new category.
- Hit the 'Enter' key or click the green 'ok' button.

2. Adding websites to a category
- Move your mouse pointer right under a category. A green 'add website' button will appear, click it.
- Change the text 'Type title here' to how you would like to call the website.
- Change the address text 'type.address.here' to the website's address.
- Hit the Enter key or click the green 'ok' button.

3. Changing categories and websites
- By clicking a category or website with your right mouse button you can alter them in the exact way you created them.
- Now you can also choose to delete a category or website by clicking the red 'delete' button.

4. Moving categories and websites
- After entering iGetStarted.com, the 'i get moving' link is visible. Clicking it enables you to re-position categories and websites.
- By dragging you can move categories and sites to your liking when the move-cursor appears.

5. Setting up iGetStarted.com to maintain your personal settings
To let iGetStarted remember your categories and websites for your future visits go to the setup page.

6. Using the advanced seach function
- Use the words 'i Get Started' in the search field of a website of your choice.
- Copy the complete URL which appears in the address bar of your browser after activating the search.
- Go to your iGetStarted page and edit or create a website.
- Paste the copied search URL into the last field and press 'ok'.
- Enter a search criterium into the iGetStarted search field, the websites with a search URL turn green.
- Click one to search it directly!